brake parts from windsor, a leading exporter automotive hydraulic and pneumatic parts. Windsor  leading supplier and exporter of brake master cylinder from India.
Brake master cylinder Manufacturer and supplier windsor, suppling hydraulic gear pump world Wide. Manufacturer of hydraulic gear pump and supplier of brake master cylinder windsor from India
Windsor : leading manufacturer and supplier hydraulic gear pump from India WINDSOR
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Windsor is a leading manufacturer and supplier of the auto spare parts and agro machineries. Our range of products included hydraulic gear pumps, piston pumps, feeder pumps, etc. Automatic comprehensive quality control system ensures that excellent quality level, and the precise inspection instruments provide the dependable assurance for quality products. In order to meet the rigorous requirement for processing application WINDSOR conducted the totally quality controlled system during production. When a prototype is developed, its design specification must be able to endure different process of testing and many hours of running the product. Each product from WINDSOR must go through many tests procedures before reaching its final destination. At WINDSOR, we assure our quality is zero defect and precision before delivery. WINDSOR insists on observing its regulation- To pursue the excellent quality & satisfy the demands for customers are the responsibilities of WINDSOR staffs. We believe that because of our persistence, our products become better. We never believe in making large profits by lowering the quality .We are always focused to gain the customer satisfaction and faith in us. We also provide after sales service to the clients.

Testing facilities & Quality control for Hydraulic brake Cylinders.
* Testing Jig for pressure test at variable temperatures (-400 C to 1200 c) supported by pneumatic cylinders
* Endurance testing jig for testing as per IS standards.
* Assembly machine for quicker & efficient assembly.
* Compression testing machine to test the load of springs.
* Rubber laboratory to test the quality of rubber uses for seals and boots.
* Provision for making the brake cylinders compatible with Poly-Glyco-ether type and silicone type brake fluids i.e. DOT3, DOT4 and DOT5 brake fluids
* More than 75% of the goods are purchased from IS9000: 2000 certified companies.
Testing of hydraulic pumps
The hydraulic pump is the heart of a hydraulic system. When it stops, so does the entire system. Whenever there is a system failure, the pump is usually the first suspect of failure.
To avoid these failures we make sure: -
* Dirt and metallic abrasions in the pump are perfectly cleaned as it can create slower operation and reduction in pressure.
* The Raw Material of the rubber seals should be compatible with Hydraulic oil and we confirm it by doing the rubber swelling test.
* Each pump testing on hydraulic test rig at no load, operating load and peak load conditions as per IS standards.
* Endurance test is also performed to determine the life of the pump.
Up coming testing arrangement:
We are looking forward for a completely automated testing arrangement by attaching Automation panel for hydraulic test bench which includes attaching of PLC, transmitters and touch screen display data panel for getting the actual testing values and pressure flow curves.
Testing facilities & Quality control for feeder pumps
The function of Feeder Pump is to ensure the fuel is supplied to the Fuel Injection Pump from the fuel tank via the filter assembly at a gauge pressure of roughly 1 to 1.5 bar. The main function of the pump is to supply fuel continuously to the Fuel Injection Pump at this pressure. These pumps are assembled in a clean and dust free environment. Each feed Pump is checked on a Test Bench to ensure that it meets the functional requirements.
We perform the following functional tests for feed pumps: -
1. Delivery Test - To check the cumulative discharge for a specified time, which ensures the continuous supply of fuel.
2. Pressure cut off - The discharge is monitored at different pressures.

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